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New start up of the Master’s program in Social Management

(Social Work and Social Economics)

Berufsbegleitend studieren

The Master’s studies program in social management is starting up again in October 2014.

This program was introduced at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in 2004, and it is being offered as part of the European Joint Degree Program in Social Work and Social Economics (SOWOSEC) as of 2011. The Faculty of Applied Social  Sciences at the Munich University of Applied Sciences is the body responsible for the Master’s degree program in Social Management.

The Master’s degree program covers a period of five semesters and is set up as a continuing studies program which combines distance learning and face-to-face classroom sessions. The curriculum contents make it possible for students to pursue a cooperative program of work and study. This course is aimed at experienced professionals holding a university degree who wish to prepare and train themselves for either management and executive functions or at those individuals already pursuing a career in service organizations within the social economy.

Professor Dr. Reinhilde Beck, head of the studies program, describes the significance of the Master’s degree program  as to professional qualifications:

“Anyone seeking an executive position in social enterprises or institutions today should not only ask himself/herself if a Master’s degree offers any personal gains, but he/she should also realize that they are competing with the increasing number of individuals who have already acquired the relevant qualifications.“

The Master of Social Management degree is awarded and accredited to students who have successfully completed the studies program.